The Technical Division

A brief about the division

The Technical Division was established in 2013  after the expansion of the educational clinics, increasing numbers of the students and dental chairs and other laboratorial and medical devices as well as the expansion in electrical, technical, mechanical and civilian expansions, the Technical Division is comprised of three units and one division director

1- General Maintenance Unit

2- Medical Devices Maintenance Unit

3- Mechanisms Unit

Division staff

1- Division Director / Eng. Mustafa Mohammed Ahmed

2- Medical Devices Maintenance Unit Officer / Abdul Rahman Darwish Obaid

3- Maintenance Unit Officer / Jabbar Lafta Jaber

4- Mechanisms Unit Officer / Ali Hassan Mahmmoud

5- Electrician / Craftsman / Adel Majeed Katea

6- Electrician / Craftsman / Ahmed Jassim Mohammed

7- Worker / Mohammed Balasim

8- Maintenance of Air-conditioning devices / Ministerial contract / Yaseen Taha Hanoon

9- Electrical generator operator / Ali Mansour Zeyara

10- Driver / Ahmed Taher Mahmood

11- Driver / Aqeel Hammoud


Division Objectives

Carrying out all of the general maintenance works, whether civil, electrical or medical devices, in addition to the work assigned to the Division and its members in the committees, the most important of which are the Maintenance and Fuel Committee and the Printers Maintenance Committee.