The Legal Unit

A brief about the unit

The Legal Unit has been established in the College since 2011, and since then, it carried out its duties as a legal unit in the college and carried out all the tasks entrusted to it in terms of committees and other duties related to that.

Unit staff

 1-Legal Adviser Nadia Ali Ibraheem // Head of the Unit

2-Legalist Zainab Faleh Hassan  

Unit Objectives

1-Editing and writing official papers and transactions that relate to work.
2-Responding to all official papers and transactions received from the Presidency of the University of Basrah as well as official papers and transactions from state departments according to the unit’s authority to respond within the obligations and work requirements.
3-Carrying out legal guarantees in accordance to the authorization issued by the presidency regarding the newly accepted students for each new academic year.
4-Investigation committees, student discipline committees formed for each new academic year, and other committees that require the presence of a legalist member.
5-Signing forms for advances and governmental and private sector loans for all of the college employees.
6-Providing a legal opinion, as well as legal advice in the field of work.