The educational clinics of the College of Dentistry

    the educational clinics of the College of Dentistry, were established with the goal of treating all the cultural layers of the society with symbolic prices as a contribution from our college in serving the society.

The educational clinics in the College of Dentistry consist of several units:

Oral Diagnosis Clinic:

    Oral Diagnosis Clinic that receives the patients who visit the college as they get examined by the doctors, and get transferred to the other departments in order to train the students according to their medical  cases and provide them with services. The Oral Diagnosis Clinic consists of:

1 . examination unit

2 . Radiology of all kinds (xray, cpct, cefalo, opg)

3. Blood Test Laboratory

Conservative Clinic:

    The main objective of this department is to graduate competent dentists capable of conducting (dental fillings, endodontic fillings and fixed prosthodontics) fully on the level of the primary medical care, in addition to having the incentive to acquire more skills, knowledge  and learning throughout their professional life after graduation. The department usually receives around 24 patients ( transferred from the Diagnosis Unit within the college), as the department provides various types of treatment which include dental fillings and endodontic fillings.


Oral Surgery Clinic:

    Maxillofacial Department: this department seeks to train the student and qualify him\her in the following areas: dental extraction and surgical dental extraction. The department treats usually around 15 patients.

Periodontal Clinic:

     for the simple and medium-difficult cases, they are treated by the students of fourth and fifth stages. The treatment includes cleaning the teeth, removing the dental calculus and providing instructions of dental and oral care, and health awareness to prevent periodontal  diseases. The clinic treats around 15 patients daily.

Prosthodontic Clinic:

This department aims to have the students master the techniques of constructing fixed and removable prosthetics to replace the missing teeth for the patient to have an artificial teeth that replace the natural teeth and perform their functions fully. The Prosthodontics Department seeks to train the students to compensate the partially-lost teeth  with mobile partial dentures, while familiarizing themselves with the appropriate designs of the dentures for each case. And in the case of losing the tooth entirely, the students are trained to replace them with full removable prosthetics keeping in mind the occlusion and the aesthetic aspect of the tooth, and the cases of compensating the missing parts of the maxillofacial area as a result from the surgical operations and malformations. 

Pedodontic Clinic:

The department consists of three sections that are concerned with clinical studies, which are as follows:  

1- Pedodontic Section: this section is concerned with diagnosing all the diseases that affect children such as dental caries, periodontal disease and oral surgery in children and treating these obstacles.


2- Orthodontic Section: this section is concerned with diagnosing all of the dental diseases that are affecting the correct occlusion in children and adults and treating these obstacles through the use of removable  orthodontics for patients by students, as well as the use of fixed orthodontics for patients by doctors.


3- Preventive Section: in this section, the student is taught the modern means and methods in preventing the occurrence of dental caries and periodontal disease in children and adults, and access to the latest methods in preventing the occurrence of dental caries and periodontal disease, and teaching children and adults on the correct and new methods of brushing, the use of medical threads in cleaning, and the use of fluoride in all of its kinds to preserve the teeth.

This department treats around 24 children.