Students Affairs Division

A brief about the division

The Registration Division was established in 2005 with the very first building block that was built since the establishment of the College of Dentistry in the University of Basrah. The Registration Division is considered as one of the foundational pillars of the college, as it represents the beginning of admission into the college and the first entry into it for the student whose name is included in the college’s lists, and through it, new students are received and their files will be opened, which include their official documents, their registration and their academic resume which will be added to their files during the subsequent academic years. The Division also handles implementing the instructions and regulations regarding the student affairs (transfer, hosting, transferring outside the premises of Iraq…..etc) and the documents of students accepted into the college departments are examined and checked.

The Registration Division is comprised of the following units :

1-Students Affairs Unit

2-Documents and Certificates Unit

3-Identifications Unit

The message of the division

Providing all possible and distinguished services to graduate highly skilled staffs by providing all available means of high quality listings, administrative structure, providing modern electronic equipment that resemble the best international standards to facilitate the registration process for our students.

Division Objectives

The Registration Division aims to take care of the students and everything related to them, whether technical or administrative, starting from registration and the admission of the student in the college until his graduation in the light of implementing  the instructions and decisions issued by the higher authorities. As the division is considered to be a linking connection between the student and the college from one side, And the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and other external parties on the other side.