Quality Assurance objectives

The Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Division is considered to be one of the main pillars in building the quality of education in the college. Therefore, among its most prominent tasks are the following:

1-Drawing the quality assurance strategy and placing instructions that achieve the college's goals.

2-Applying all standards and quality indicators in the college with a clarification of the growth and development percentages of the scientific departments and their administrative formations.

3-Preparing guidelines for the college to serve the process of applying quality standards and systems.

4-Spreading the culture of the quality in the college and supporting its activities.

5-Placing executive strategic plans in cooperation with the college deanship to ensure the quality and developing the college's performance.

6-Carrying out many activities and studies related to the application of the foundations of quality in the college and making reports and show them the Dean of the College for the purpose of submitting them to the President of the University.

7-Supervising on the document control and coding systems, and it is one of the means of implementing the quality management system.

8-Preparing and designing analytical forms for collecting data, preparing surveys for students, academic teaching staff, employees and conducting the process of analysis and statistical measurement of those forms.

9-Supervising and contributing in the preparation of conferences, symposiums and workshops affiliated with the quality.

10-The official of the Quality Assurance Division completes the relevant work and responds to official letters related to quality assurance and according to the directions of the direct official.

11-The official of the Quality Assurance Division plays the role of the observer and inspector  of the performance evaluation process for academic teachers and employees with all of the college formations.

12-The official of the Quality Assurance Division provide the Academic Promotions Unit with an evaluation of the performance of academic teachers for the purposes of scientific promotion.

13-The official of the Quality Assurance Division provide the Office of the Dean's Assistant in Scientific Affairs with an evaluation of the performance of the academic teachers applying for research fellowships, vacations to study abroad  and applying for postgraduate studies.