The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented medical, scientific and economic challenges, and researchers of every academic and scientific discipline have refocused their efforts to find ways they can contribute their expertise to finding solutions.

On Jan 29/31 2021, the college of dentistry at the university of Basra hosted an interdisciplinary workshop to address the COVID-19 pandemic done by Ahmed Al Marashi


The workshop aimed at raising awareness on the appropriate steps to address humanitarian concerns while protecting state borders during the pandemic and understanding the provision of assistance to all people in need.


“On the first day we talked about  about prevention of infection, management and methods for disposing of medical waste”


”On the second day, the topic was  care of steps to clean and sterilize surgical equipment used in dental clinics” said by one of the participants, Ahmad Almura’ashi


Closing remarks by Sundus abdualwadood


“we talked about Infection control strategy, Facilities Risk Management and Infection Control Preparedness to Overcome Covid-19 Pandemic”