The College of Dentistry participates in the basics of photography and lighting distribution course

The Public Relations and Media Unit at the College of Dentistry participated in the Basics of Photography and Lighting Distribution course, which was held by the College of Arts.

Mr. Sajjad Saad Jabbar, an employee in the Media Unit at the College of Dentistry and a member of the administrative body in the Iraqi Society for Photography, Basra branch, gave two-day lectures within the course curriculum, basics of photography and lighting distribution, which was held in the College of Arts in cooperation with the College of Dentistry.

The first lecture included the basics and the exposure triangle, getting to know the camera buttons, how to hold the camera correctly, shooting modes, and shooting axes that include nineteen shooting axes.

The second lecture showed the types of lighting, how to use them, the difference between continuous lighting and flash lighting, and the distribution of lighting.

The course concluded with a practical application for all participants in the course to translate the lecture material into an actual application to ensure the extent to which the participants benefit from this course.