Media Unit

A brief about the unit

The Media Unit was established in 2005 with establishment of the College itself for its effective role in covering the college's activities and the community services of the College through pictures, video clips and news articles.

Unit staff

1-Samir Farid \ Designer \ Head of the Media Unit

2-Amal Ali Faleh / Senior Manager

Unit Objectives

Documenting and covering the college's activities through photography and videography, editing news and then sending them to the Department of Media and Public Relations in the Presidency of the University of Basrah.

Attending periodic meetings held by the Director of Media and the Public Relations of the Media.

Furthermore, printing the college's student's guide and distributing it to the new students as well as cooperating with the Students Affairs Unit in receiving and welcoming the new students.

In addition to assigning Mrs. Amal Ali the task and responsibility of student activities in the college.

Documenting and covering the weekly and monthly scientific certificates of the students and the academic teaching personnel.

 The Media Unit’s attendance in scientific participations held in university celebrations or other occasions and presenting what it has of the college’s scientific outcomes presented by the academic teaching personnel and college students.