Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

About the department
The Department was established in 2007. The department supervise on the clinics that provide surgical dental intervention like simple extraction of teeth, removal of impacted teeth, dental implants, biopsy and other surgical intervention utilizing advanced and up-to-date equipment and techniques for our patients.
Departments Clinics and laboratories

No. Name Services
1 Oral Surgery Clinics
(Undergraduate Students) Examination and Extraction of Teeth.
2 Minor Operation Clinic Minor oral surgical intervention and Dental Implants.
3 Laser Clinic Minor oral surgical intervention and Biopsy.
4 Oral Surgery Laboratory Demonstration of Oral Surgical procedures for 3rd Grade.
5 Presentation room To conduct meetings, lectures and seminars.
6 General Anatomy Laboratory Contains Human Anatomy Specimens for 1st and 2nd Grade students.
7 General Pathology Laboratory Teaches the relevant subject to the undergraduate students.

Regarding the 3rd Grade students, they are trained in our labs on the principles of oral surgery. Including demonstrating the armamentarium of basic oral surgery, exodontia and delivery of local anasthesia on manikin.
In addition, the 4th and 5th Grade students practice theses procedure in the university clinics, where patients receives dental treatment by students and being supervised by specialized dentists.

Departments’ Insight;
To develop programs that can educate the undergraduate students by scientific, practical and educational means.

Message of The Department
The department of oral and maxillofacial surgery ensures that the scientific programs are up-to-date enabling the students to perform simple oral surgical interventions in a safe environment for patients and staff.
Moreover, The 5th grade students assist their supervisors in more advanced procedures like dental implants and surgical removal of impacted teeth.

Objectives of The Department
1- Theoretical and practical training of students.
2- Conducting seminars and conferences to keep the graduated dentist up-to-date with the new innovation in the world of dentistry.
3- Serve the local community by offering, free of charge, dental treatment.
4- Use the latest methods and latest equipment for oral and dental surgery.
5- Supervision and aid of researchers in the field of dentistry to conduct scientific researches. In addition, the department supervise the certified diploma program in oral surgery given to general dentists, who work in the governmental health sector.

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