Basic Sciences

Chairman Name
Ali Taha Yassen
About the Department
The Department of Basic Sciences established in 2005, to improve the basic scientific study in the field of dentistry. The educational program supports students' specialization in the field of dentistry regarding (biochemistry, medical physics, biology and computer science). In addition, the department also educate the fresh student about democratic societies by including subjects regarding human rights and freedom.
Departments’ insight:
The department of Basic Sciences is one of the pioneering departments that consider the establishment of the scientific principles to develop educational programs, with high quality and within international levels. The word "basic" had been called to this department to emphasis on the biological science upon which the work in the field of dentistry is depending on it.

Message of the Department
Improving the undergraduate students on different levels scientifically, clinically and educationally as well. This is mediated by following sound methods in delivering the scientific subjects.
Objectives of the Department
The objectives would aim about teaching and training undergraduate students to be qualified as an efficient dentist equipped with scientific knowledge, that shall make them capable to make huge changes to their society. The objectives would also include student encouragement to adopt the most up-to-date ways in scientific research.

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