Audit (Inspection) Division

A brief about the division

 The Audit (Inspection) Division was established in 2005 when the college was founded as it is one of the main divisions in the College for its work is connected directly with the other divisions especially the Accounting (Financial) and the Human Resources Divisions.

Division staff

Khadija Mahdi Mazloum \ Director of the Audit Division \ Senior Director of Accounting

Sajideh Khalaf Lazim / Assistant Director of Accounting / Auditing Employee

Division Objectives

1-Accounts Supervision

A- Ensuring that the operations are carried out in accordance to a general or specific authorization or issued by the higher management.

B- Ensure that the transactions are recorded in accordance to the approved accounting standards and in a way that helps determine the responsibility for maintaining the department's assets and properties.

C- Ensuring the possession of the assets or disposing them according to a license or they get approved upon by the management.

D- Ensure that the assets that are included in the records are the assets that actually exist in the unit and taking the necessary measures just in case differences occur between them.

2- Management supervision

A- inspecting the incoming and outgoing records with the confidential  incoming and outgoing of the college and inspecting the attendance of the employees in the department.

B- Inspecting and reviewing the clinics records from the alphabetical A to Z to ensure that the work is functioning properly and fluently.

3- Storage inspection

The Division inspects the records of the storages and the materials entering and leaving from these storages on a continuous and periodic basis, confirming the prices of the materials and how to use them.

4- Inspecting students affairs

The division inspects the students affairs records periodically to ensure that their work is progressing correctly and that there are no errors in it and if there were any errors, they get rectified as soon as possible.