About the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


The department was established in 2007-2008, and it specializes in dental extractions and all minor operations related to the mouth, teeth and the tissues surrounding them, such as the operations of surgically extracting the buried teeth, lifting tumors, after taking a tissue biopsy for tissue culture in a laboratory owned by the Department using modern and advanced equipment.

Students of the third stages are trained on the principles of oral surgery, such as teeth extraction and the tools used for this purpose and everything related to local anesthesia. Students of the fourth and fifth stages apply everything they have learned in the educational clinics where patients are treated by students under the supervision of the specialized academic teachers.


Developing the student's level scientifically, practically and educationally.


The message of the Oral and Maxillofacial Department is to ensure that the outputs of the scientific vocabulary of the Department are capable of qualifying the student and enabling him to perform surgical interventions in the mouth, face and jaws according to both theoretical and practical sequential scientific structure that enables the student to practice dental extraction in the educational clinics, as well as providing assistance in minor operations such as surgical extraction and the operations of removing tumors from the mouth and the tissues surrounding the teeth, as well as giving the student a set of skills related dental implants and injuries that happen in the mouth, face and jaws.


1- Training students while studying.

2- Continuing the training for graduate students through holding seminars and conferences

3- serving the society by offering the treatment for free.

4- Using the latest methods and the latest equipment that are used in the field of oral and dental surgery to raise the therapeutic level.

5- Supervising researchers in the Ministries of Health, Higher Education and Scientific Research in providing researches

Training the students of Professional Diploma from dentists in Basra Health Department.