About Prosthodontics Department


The Prosthodontics Department was established in 2005 and the theoretical and practical educational program of this Department aims to have the students acquire the knowledge and mastery of the technologies of how the fixed and removable Prosthodontics work to compensate the missing teeth for the patient to have an artificial teeth that compensates the natural missing teeth and fully do their job.

Vision and Message

The Prosthodontics Department seeks to achieve excellence in education and scientific research and to answer the society's requirements. It also seeks to reach the latest scientific and technical developments and apply them in a way that allows the ascension of the quality of learning in all fields. The Department devotes it's efforts to create a supportive environment that provides the students with opportunities for growth and prosperity in the pursuit of their future, graduating dentists that are aware with the even the smallest details of the Science of Prosthodontics that qualifies them to work with high efficiency and have the ability to improve the medical situation in the government by spreading the correct medical awareness, and preparing dentists that have the ability to enroll for studying the accurate specialization in Prosthodontics. The Prosthodontics Department has humanitarian message in the community, which is to develop culture and medical awareness and raise the medical level, especially in terms of treating the patients with modern prosthetics.


Starting from the need to provide national competencies of dentists and in recognition of the pioneering-role that the department must be in lead of serving the society, as the Department was keen to occupy a distinguished position in the field of Prosthodontics and that it's objectives are as follows:

1-Teaching and training male and female students to qualify and graduate distinguished male and female dentists to offer a therapeutic services and spread medical awareness in the field of Prosthodontics.

2-Preparing and supporting the fields of scientific research to find the appropriate solutions to the problems of the artificial prosthetics in the society.

3-Providing a distinguished therapeutic fields for the patients in various types of prosthetics and using modern technologies, including dental implants.

4-Providing medical and technical consulting to the various sectors of the country.

5-Providing distinguished services in the specialty of Prosthodontics in the College of Dentistry's clinics.

6-peeping a specialized staffs through postgraduate programs.

7-Developing a system to ensure the Department's quality.