About Periodental Department


The Periodontal Department was established since the establishment of the College of Dentistry in 2005 and due to the Department's lack of academic teaching staff; the Department wasn't activated at that time and was under the supervision of the Oral and Maxillofacial Department until the activation of the Department in 2016.

The Department teaches the material of Periodontics for the fourth and fifth stages, from a theoretical and practical point of view.


Following the successful means and scientific methods in teaching and creating knowledge of the principles of Periodental diseases and applying them to achieve scientific benefit in order to adequately fit the society and to consolidate the theoretical and practical aspects in a way that raises the advancement of society.


Our Department seeks to establish the principles of scientific knowledge in the specialty of Periodontics, keeping pace with scientific and technological progress that has a futuristic vision to build our scientific career.


Increasing the knowledge and mastering the skills of the latest diagnostic technologies for the tissue diseases surrounding the teeth, treating them and eliminating them before they escalate using the latest surgical methods and using laser.