About Pedodontics\Orthodontics\Dental Prevention Department


The College of Dentistry diverts all of it's energies and the available supplies in the Pedodontics\Orthodontics\Dental Prevention Department, for the purpose of qualifying and training the college's students in order to graduate dentists who are capable of covering the society's needs for such services and specialties through scientific and practical skills characterized by high professional and behavioral performances and through a scientific curriculum(theoretical and clinical) intensive and prepped for this Purpose and in coordination with other Departments.


Providing care to what preserves the symmetry of the appearance of the Deciduous teeth and the permanent teeth after them. The primary dental treatments to avoid functional and phenotypic damage in them in the future. As well as the interest in the aesthetic aspect and integrated knowledge of the orthodontic technologies. Increasing the knowledge in the preventive measures for the mouth from diseases by paying attention to the protection of teeth and their surroundings of gums, bones and connective tissues.


Following the modern scientific methods and means of teaching and creating knowledge of the principles of dental sciences with regard to the Pedodontics\Orthodontics\Dental Prevention Department, and their applications to achieve scientific benefit and consolidating the theoretical and applied aspects to ensure the best services are offered to society.