About Oral Medicine Department


The Oral Medicine Department was established in 2016. And it includes the academic materials that specializes in oral diagnosis such as dental radiology, dental diseases and oral medicine which are represented in enabling graduates and increasing their theoretical and practical skills in diagnosing oral and dental diseases and to be well-informed with the methods of treating them through studying the courses of oral tissues, oral radiology, teeth, oral diseases and oral medicine while focusing on the practical aspect of modern technologies in the use of three-dimensional X-ray devices, panoramic X-rays and histological analysis of oral diseases.


Developing the student's level scientifically, practically and educationally


Improving the student’s level to be a competent dentist capable of detecting and diagnosing diseases that affect the teeth and their surrounding tissues, oral mucosa, the roof of the mouth (hard palate), face and neck, their methods of prevention and newly used treatment methods.


1-Training students during their studies

2-Continue the training for graduate students by holding seminars and conferences

3-Serving the community by providing treatment for free

4-Using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods, and the latest devices that are related to the specialty of dental radiology, oral diseases and oral medicine to raise the therapeutic level

5-Supervising researchers in both the Ministries of Health, Higher Education and Scientific Research in providing researches