About Conservative Department


The Conservative Department is considered to be one of the important basic Departments in the College of Dentistry, because of this Department's materials are a part of the basic materials that touches the core of the dentist's work, and the first nucleus of the this Department's establishment, is represented in the arrival of Dr. Bahaa Abdel-Razzaq, as the first academic teacher in the field of Conservatives in the College in the academic year 2008-2009. Back then, the Conservative Department, was a part of the Basic Dental Sciences Department due to the shortage of the academic staff at that time, and it became an independent Department in 2016. With the increase of the academic teachers and doctors' assistants of the Department, for it to reach the number 10 of doctors' assistants and students studying post-graduate studies.


Following the modern scientific methods and means in teaching and creating knowledge of the principles of dental Sciences when it comes to the Conservative Department and it's applications in order to achieve scientific benefit, and consolidating the theoretical and practical aspect to ensure offering the best services for the community.


The College of Dentistry directs all it's powers and the available supplies in the Conservative Department for the purpose of qualifying and training college students to graduate dentists who are able to cover the community’s need for these services and specialties through scientific and practical skills characterized by high professional and behavioral performance and through a scientific curriculum ( theoretical and clinical\ intensive and prepared for this  Purpose and in coordination with other Departments)


Attention and keenness to ensure that the quality of the treatments provided is in line with modern scientific principles, and teaching the student that the quality of the treatment provided is what's important.